PA Series Module


· LED Number:              4 LEDs per module, 2 modules per ft
· Power Consumption:    0.96W per module
· Beam Angle:               120°
· Color:                          White, Red, Green, Blue and Yellow
· Waterproof:                 IP67 rating
· Dimension:                 45mm(L)x45mm(W)x7mm(H)


· 4 pieces of 5050 SMD LEDs per module with wide beam angle
· Ultra bright (80 lumen per white module), good for deep, big letters and sign boxes
· IP67 rating, good for outdoor
· Built-in Constant Current mechanism to ensure consistent brightness and long LED lifespan
. Excellent color and brightness consistency
· UL and CUL approved


With double-side adhersive tape on the back, installation is easy.
Max. number of modules in a single string is 50.

. Power Load:

30W power supply can take max. of 30 pieces
60W power supply can take max. of 60 pieces

. LED Spacing: around 6 inches

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