LED For Signage

LED For Signage

LED For Signage

We carry a large variety of LED products for Signage industry. LED modules are used for channel letters and sign boxes as backlit light source. LED Flexible Strip can also be used in small channel letters, but they are more often used in irregular shapes or edge-lit signs. LED Neon Flex, a simulation of traditional Neon tubes, is perfect for architectural outline. Our high performance LED Power Supplies are to power up your LED signs. We can make any color of LED modules provided that you suggest wave length and color temperature.

LED Module
Small in size but very bright, energy saving and environment friendly, long lifespan, easy to maintain, LED modules are best replacement of traditional Neon and fluorescent tubes in making Channel Letters and sign boxes. Our  Mini Series, PG Series, PA Series and Power Series  modules suit different lighting needs from 1 inch to 12 inch thick letters or boxes. They are all UL/CUL approved and good for outdoor

LED Flexible Strip

Flexibility Strip is thin and flexible to fit any shape, ideal for tiny Channel Letters or other decorational lighting

LED Neon Flex

Neon Flex
uses LEDs inside a flexible plastic tube to produce consistent light. It is ideal for replacing Neon tubes to make differrent shapes or use in architectural border lighting.

LED Lightbar or Rigid Bar

LED Lightbar or Rigid Bar is made of a rigid bar with many LEDs on it. It usually comes with a lens that can distribute the lights and protect the electronic devices inside. This type of fixture is not self-balasted and need additional power supply to power up. It is generally used in shelf, cabinets in retail stores and restaurants or other places that need a close lighting to illustrate details.

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